Saras- Awards and Certifications Bodies

Deliver tests and remedial learning


Specialized features for certifying body

  • Highly secure Testing Solution
  • Online/Offline proctoring system
  • Both cloud and locally hosted options available
  • Branding support
  • Simple and efficient online testing
  • Diverse question types
  • Customize based on subject and exam
  • Badging and certification


  • Saras™ offers hosting on Amazon, Azure, and on-premises environments for Online Testing
  • Saras™ follows strong encryption algorithms for testing data security
  • Proctoring exams online with live behavioral alerts
  • Integration with biometrics, thumbprints, and other third-party tools available
  • Complete log sheets with detailed records for audits and exam session reviews
  • Browser and specific key lockdown facilities available supporting multiple devices on Windows and Linux OS

Great User Experience for Students

  • Ease of registration for online testing, including promotional codes and online payment
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Rich templates for certificate design with QR codes for authenticity
  • Branding support

Smart Reporting

  • Highly customizable
  • Multi-level reports from candidates to classes, and groups
  • Offline proctoring reports for detailed analysis
  • License usage reports for testing centers
  • Reports on payment receipts

Simple, Efficient and Highly customizable

  • Create custom certificates
  • 40+ question types with rich media for exam creation
  • Plug and Play adaptive algorithms
  • Custom grading based on subject
  • Customizable adaptive algorithm
  • Customizable exam workflows

Center Management and Booking System

Validate, set up, and manage your online testing centers through simple steps. Allow your candidates to book online test slots or use algorithm-driven best-fit candidate slot allocation.

  • Validate your testing infrastructure using a utility
  • Book online test slots with/without accommodation requests
  • Manage e-marketplace – catalog, payments and discounts, and payment gateway

Saras™ empowers educators and assessment companies to cater to their unique assessment needs. Request for a personalized demo.