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Takeaways for Corporate Learning and Development

Reducing operational costs and increasing Return on Investment is by far the biggest value of Excelsoft when it comes to delivering corporate learning solutions.

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Analytics packed, end to end assessment solution

  • Saras Test and Assessment is an end to end solution offering educators the ability to author and deliver highly personalized assessments. Adhering to globally recognized QTI standards, Saras provides educators a great interface to author items and tests, and deliver them to learners in the form of formative, summative tests or in-classroom quizzes
  • Built on micro services architecture, Saras™ offers the flexibility to fully customize the solution based on your requirements and workflows. With over 650 configurations settings, Saras™ adapts to your way of working making it the right fit to your business needs
  • Saras provides a data driven approach of test delivery. Instructors can tag Items with granular level metadata allowing highly sophisticated analytical reports giving insights into students’ learning patterns as well as content usage, engagement, and efficacy

While Saras™ is SaaS compliant, it  can be deployed on  cloud as well as on-premise and offers very high concurrency. Whether you are an educational publisher, a school, a university, or a certification body, Saras™ offers a secure end to end solution – test authoring, test delivery, test proctoring and evaluation.

Saras Corporate LMS – Light Weight, Customizable and Agile

  • SARAS Corporate LMS is built on a micro services architecture that allows you to customize the solution based on your actual needs.
  • Whether you have 1000 users or 50000 users, SARAS Corporate LMS can adapt to your requirements and in the process save you the hassle and cost that you would spend on a large scale off the shelf LMS where half the features are never used.

Digital Interactive eTextbook Platform

The rise of the digital content world has been a rapid one. Where once publishers were accustomed to delivering content through a single, simple, static medium, they now must publish in immersive, interactive, and adaptive forms, responding to multi-platform consumption habits. It is not just publishing of the eBook but the processes and mechanisms of delivering the content, that today’s publisher must take control of.

OpenPage does just that – puts the publisher in control of all their digital publishing needs.

Educational Content Services

With a strong editorial background across multiple curricula, Excelsoft has worked with a number of publishers across The United States, The United Kingdom, India, and in the Middle East to provide quality editorial development and editorial services. Click on the link below to learn more about our educational content development services.

Other Services for Corporate Learning

Custom Solutions

  • Excelsoft can be a scalable, agile and efficient extension to your technology or product teams
  • Bespoke solutions on a broad range of technologies and stacks, including Enterprise Java, Microsoft.NET, LAMP, MEAN and Python


  • Power your education/learning business with data driven decision making and insights
  • Experience building large scale data analytics applications involving integrations with multiple platforms and PetaBytes of educational data on Relational and NoSQL databases

Cloud Services

  • Excelsoft’s cloud certified IT team has helped over 80 global customers to successfully embrace cloud services as an essential element of digital transformation
  • Proven methodology to evaluate cloud readiness, and facilitate successful transformation to cloud

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