Lift, Transform, and Shift of Publisher Ecosystem to AWS

Case study
Lift, Transform, and Shift of Publisher Ecosystem to AWS

The Client

The client is a large education publishing company that owns and operates several global education media brands.
A case study on Openpage for a renowned publisher in UK
100TB+ Data Migrated
100+ Microservices Deployed On AWS
32%Savings On Infrastructure
40%Reduction In Infra Incidents
99.99%Availability Of Apps & Platforms

Business Needs

The client operated several digital education platforms hosted on-premises in their data centers that needed to be transformed and moved to the AWS cloud for reliability, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

The following were some key challenges:

    • Re-architecting applications from monolithic to microservices
    • Upgrading technology stacks, libraries, solutions, and frameworks
    • Modifying applications to optimize their performance on the cloud
    • Re-hosting applications that are already built to be cloud-ready

Solution Highlights

  • Seamless migration done one service at a time using a hybrid approach
  • Robust Dev-Ops System implemented using AWS Services
  • Improved scalability of database and computing resources
  • Robust disaster recovery plans using the AWS Cloud
  • Zero downtime deployments using Cloud services

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