OpenPage Reporting

OpenPage reporting portal provides reports around usage, performance and trends through its dedicated dashboards for publishers, organizations, learners and instructors.

OpenPage Reporting: Helps in data capture using Experience API

Experience API

Utilizing the Experience API or the event capturing framework, OpenPage captures key user interaction data around several data points which is presented into rich reports and visualizations.

Reports Dashboards

Dedicated reporting dashboards for stakeholders at all levels (learners, instructors, content providers, districts and institutions) inform them on aspects such as learner engagement with the content, performance and content efficacy.

OpenPage Reporting: Comes with a dedicated reporting dashboard
OpenPage Reporting: Export report

Export Reports

Export any report through a click of a button and use it for your presentations or discussions.

Near time reporting

Data gathered through the OpenPage Readers is processed and is presented to stakeholders at all levels almost instantly.

OpenPage Reporting- helps in near-time reporting
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