OpenPage's Enhanced ePUB Reader for a Publisher’s Next-Generation Learning Platform

The Client

The client is a leading international publisher who works with schools and colleges, expert authors and awarding organizations to create quality print and digital learning resources.
The client embraced OpenPage’s enhanced eBook Reader and authoring tools to deliver an innovative eBook experience as part of the it next-generation learning platform.
Books Published
Users on the Platform
Annotations created
Enrichments experienced by Users

Solution Highlights

  1. 1Support for Dual eBook layout, reflow and fixed
  2. 2Integration with client components for Central Authentication and Digital Resources
  3. 3Custom Assessment Engine for delivering course assessments in eBooks
  4. 4Quick Revision Feature with automatic creation of flashcards

With over 6+ years of trusted partnership, Excelsoft has helped the client provide several free resources to teachers and learners as part of a collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic amidst school closures.

Download the case study to find out more about how Excelsoft’s OpenPage made an impact

Click here to download the complete case study


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