OpenPage provides a digital book reading experience to primary and pre-primary students

The Client

One of the largest renowned book publishers in the world reiterated its faith in OpenPage, a digital learning platform from Excelsoft to deliver a children’s ‘reading program’ developed to help the children learn to read and love reading during the Covid-19 pandemic. The program encouraged children to inculcate and continue their reading interests during uncertainty.


Solution Highlights

  1. 1Enjoyable reading experience for the children with a primary and pre-primary student-specific theme and intuitive user interface.
  2. 2Reporting tool for student engagement with books.
  3. 3Device-agnostic web-based solution.
  4. 4Quick turnaround time with a service oriented architecture.
  5. 5Cloud deployment of a scalable solution for onboarding a large number of schools.

OpenPage has enabled the publisher to onboard many primary and pre-primary children to practice reading during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Download the case study to find out more about how the solution provided the students with enhanced reading, learning experiences, and the opportunity to improve their reading skills.

Click here to download the complete case study


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