Schools Process Automation Suite

Saras™ School ERP

Saras School ERP, a web-based school management application with scalable architecture and
flexible configurable modules to ensure better interaction between students, teachers,
parents, administrative staff, and decision-makers.

Administrative Management

Automate your non-academic process to streamline workflow and get information at fingertips thereby reducing time and cost

Academics Management

Empower your teachers to harness data and improvise more towards teaching and learning aspect to improve outcomes

HR Management System

Streamline your staff management by automating staff attendance and integrating it with payroll for smooth processing and disbursal

Configurable Workflows and Dashboards

  • Form extension capabilities to administrative screens
  • School specified configurable dashboards for different roles
  • Analytics based “insights" and “smart" reports for decision making
  • School specific customizable workflow approval rules

Facility Management

Streamline your school related facilities like:

  • Hostel
  • Library
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Fixed Assets
  • Infirmary

Ease of Integration

Framework level integrations allows interoperability with existing schools systems

SarasSchool ERP offers a broad set of unified functional capabilities that simplifies the process of data sharing, collaboration, reporting, and upgrades for any educational business process.
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